Taking care of your Miche bag–tips

It’s always nice to get a brand new Miche bag shell–but it’s even nicer to be able to keep it looking brand new and avoid the need for replacing your hard earned products–here are some shell care tips for your Miche bag that will help you keep your collection nice for years to come~

Miche bag shells should be stored in the Miche closet shell organizer, or lying as they came (one fold) with a piece of white tissue paper between each shell, to prevent color transfer.

Color transfer is not a problem with all shells, however it has been reported with some. This is the best way to prevent the possibility of color transfer.

Do not use colored tissue paper or news paper to separate your shells–those prints can also be picked up by a miche bag shell.

Use of antibacterial sanitizer should be with “care” when using your miche bag. Ensure that your hands are completely dry after using antibacterial gels, to prevent shell damage.

I don’t have a solution to remove color transfer, or ink from shells. Some people have had moderate success when using a “magic eraser”, on some shells, but proceed with caution–there is no way to determine how each shell will react to this product.

Antibacterial gel users also report damage to the handles of the miche bag.

Miche bags can be wiped clean with a soft cloth using plain water. Soaps, detergents, and alcohol has been reported to damage the integrity of Miche bag shells and handles.


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