More giveaways to come–stay tuned!

Tomorrow, and the following few days, there will be more giveaways from some fabulous companies—

I’ve had a few emails asking “why do we have to “like” and share the facebook page?”  In a nutshell-here’s the answer.

The good folks donating to the giveaways are donating product–time–effort. I feel that these efforts should be rewarded with our support-if we expect to participate in a giveaway. It’s something they don’t “have to do”—sharing their business pages and subscribing to their blogs does help them promote and market their business and product. I appreciate their efforts and their donation to the giveaways listed on my blog  🙂

Liking and sharing a business page is very easy to do–and subscribing to a blog takes just a few seconds–You’ll want to receive my updates over the next few days to see what the giveaway will be!  It’s fun to host giveaways, and see how excited winners are~please make sure you’re supporting the businesses listed~

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