Sophisticated Diva ~ A.K.A. Along came Polly!

I’m asked this question often from those approaching me about becoming a Miche representative–the bottom line, the question they all ask, is “what do you make”?

It’s a question that I can’t answer-as no one representative earns the same. A Miche representative earns commissions based on her (or his) performance and sales,  and if they choose-they may build a team as well, and earn from the productivity of the team members they sponsor.  A representative can earn more than the individual that sponsored them.

This is a business in which we reap what we sow-there is no paycheck weekly simply for showing up and clocking in. I work daily on presenting my product to new customers, training the representatives that I sponsor, and presenting the opportunity to those interested. There is no “get rich quick” or “get rich fast”. To earn money as a direct seller, it takes hard work…

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