1. 1
    Pam Haines Says:

    I have a white shell that has dark rub marks on the bottom. Is there any way to remove them?

  2. Pam, my best advice is to follow the instructions above. Mixed results have been shared with me regarding use of a magic eraser with a tiny bit of ivory liquid soap on it, with water. I’d try one inconspicuous spot first, and let it dry to see how the results are. That way, if there is any damage, it won’t show.

  3. 3
    Shay Says:

    I purchased a Miche shell and it smells like FISH. It will not go away and I’m two seconds from throwing it away. Any advice, I’ve tried cleaning, charcoal, dryer sheets and baking soda. Its a prima so it’s big. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! :(

  4. Shay, may I suggest you contact your representative and ask for an exchange or return? If you are unable to come to a resolution please contact me at sdhmhandbags@aol.com
    Thank you for your comment :)

  5. 5
    Laura Chandler Says:

    I have the Demi back and both of my cases (which were both gifts) have developed a very pungent smell. I haven’t even been able to use my bag for awhile because Icannot get the smell to go away! Help, I miss my miche

    • Laura, have you tried the tips (baking soda) and such listed above? If you are unable to use the shells after trying these, and you don’t know where your shells were purchased, I might suggest contacting Miche for an exchange if your shells are still available. Customer service is 877-716-4243

      Which shells seem to be giving you a problem?? You can also contact me at sdhmhandbags@aol.com and perhaps I can offer you a solution.

  6. 7
    Courtney Wagoner Says:

    I was wondering how to clean ink marks out of the inside of my classic base? I try to keep them in the zipped pocket inside the purse but my son likes to get in my purse and now i have multiple ink marks on the inside. I seen where you said hairspray but that was for the shell itself.

    • You can try hairspray on those spots as well, spot cleaning with mild soap and water after the hairspray. My best suggestion is to keep pens and markers in a plastic case specifically designed for them, in your purse, if you must have them. I myself limit to “one pen” and it’s my “best pen”. Nobody better touch it! :)

  7. 9
    cynthia sheridan Says:

    I have some marks on my yellow shell that I got wearing blue jean capri and even though they were not new, for some reason the color still rubbed off on my purse. Any suggestion on cleaning that off, and once it is cleaned off, would scotch guard work on the bag to prevent future stains?

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