More fun Miche magic!!

Yesterday, I shared some photos with you of great ways to carry your Miche—photos shared with me by representatives and customers alike! Everyone has their own style and preferences, and I wanted to show you that it’s perfectly okay to “mix it up” just a bit, and have fun with your Miche! This handbag was made to give you choices-and the variety that IS the spice of life!!

Shown are photos that represent the different ways you can use the interchangeable chain handles! Now you have a choice of BOTH silver or antique brass chains, and you can get those in a package (both silver and brass) or single. With either choice, you will get the black and brown straps to attach to the handles—-but did you know, with a little Miche magic, you could have red chain handles, cream chain handles, or white chain handles? You can even have brown croc chain handles!!! These handles are just the beginning of full versatility with Miche! Check out the photos sent in by happy customers!

By using the white linked handles, you can use just the longer section and attach the chains!! Use the red knot handles and brown croc or cream handles with the chains as well, and match your favorite Miche shell!

View the available handle options now….CLICK HERE

Now isn’t this neat?? I love Miche, and love the versatility and options given to us to “change your purse” to match your mood, outfit, or “purse-onality”!! If you have photos of your favorite combination, send them to

Let’s have some Miche fun!!


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