Sneak preview~Miche luxe shells line premier Sept 1st!

The cat is now out of the bag~ Sept 1 2012 will be the introduction of the fabulous new Miche luxe line–this announcement has been made on Miche’s corporate page for all to see with the attached photo! See the rest of them soon—STAY TUNED! Want the chance to see them first?? Subscribe to my NEWSLETTER and you’ll get updates on Miche releases, specials, and sales!

NOW is the time to join Miche~these releases will take the fashion world by storm! Don’t you want join the excitement? The AUGUST Miche starter kit sale is in effect through August 31st, to be followed nationwide with the “party with a purpose” tour—something YOU don’t want to miss! Visit  to see what’s included in the starter kits! Click the Q and A link on this page (at the top) for answers to your pressing questions about Miche!

To purchase Miche shells and accessories, visit my personal website HERE