Miche June 2013 releases!! Americana shells!!!


Ahhhh June!!! What better time for a PATRIOTIC MICHE SHELL!! For the very first time, a DENIM SHELL for the prima and Demi, and a PATRIOTIC HOLIDAY SHELL FOR THE PRIMA!! This is the very FIRST denim and patriotic release for the PRIMA!! These shells will GO FAST!! Two of the prima and demi releases last month were gone within the very first week, so if you need it and want it, I highly suggest ordering these patriotic shells now, as soon as they are released!! Limited quantities are available, and when they’re gone, they are retired! These shells are named “AMERICANA”.

There is also a spectacular new men’s line, and I would like to apologize in advance, these might be gone on the very first day as speculated by corporate office. This is a “pilot program” of the new Men’s line, so I cannot assure these items will still be available much after the 1st of the month. There will be a very select few that will have the opportunity to order these delightful items!! We have a messenger bag,  as well as a new men’s wallet. I’m crossing my fingers that you will be able to order these on the 1st. My apologies if they are gone by the time you are able to place an order….they are just that “wanted”.

There are three beautiful plum colored shells also available on the 1st– Pippa, Piper, and Debbie— CLICK HERE to see the items available on June 1st!!

ALL orders of $50.00 or more entered on my personal website through the MYSTERY HOSTESS party link HERE will be entered into the Mystery hostess drawing. One lucky hostess will win the entire kit and caboodle, hostess rewards!! June is also double hostess reward month! YOU WILL ALSO BE ELIGIBLE FOR A MYSTERY GIFT VALUED UP TO $12.95 RETAIL with your order of over $50.00!! Unlimited, place two separate $50.00 orders, get two mystery gifts, and two entries for the mystery hostess drawing!!

Q: If I submit two individual orders at the same time, will I receive two different Mystery Gifts?
A: Mystery Gifts are selected randomly and while we do our best, you may or may not receive the same item
with multiple orders.

If you’d like to schedule a party, highly suggested party dates close to the first of the month!! I have dates available, and online parties (distance) are welcome, just call me if you’re interested in MORE BANG for your buck!! 815-721-5449.

Have a great holiday weekend!!


Polly Workinger-Miche representative/Executive Director

americana petiteamericanaclassicamericanademiamericanaprimapiperpippadebbie

messenger bag

Messenger bag


Men’s wallet