#Miche CYBER MONDAY specials 2015

What’s better than BLACK FRIDAY?? Why, cyber Monday of course! This is where you’ll find the deepest Miche deals and sales, but all items are limited quantity! If you’re browsing for gift giving, don’t forget to grab some of these beauties! There’s even a beautiful NORMANDY Luxe Miche face for 50% off!

There’s something here in every size, hip bags, stocking stuffers, and scarves–accessories for the Miche lover!

This JUST IN. Any order over $50.00 from my website before 6pm tomorrow 11/30 will be entered into a drawing to win a beautiful hip bag ~ This will be a random drawing, hip bag of my choice (which is also random, because quite honestly, I haven’t decided) LOL. BUT I will check your order to make sure it’s NOT in your order, so it will be a different hip bag! SHARE THIS POST!!

Stay tuned for the “12 deals of Christmas” coming on Dec 1-12!

SHOP HERE for your Cyber Monday deals starting on November 30– while supplies last. This sale will end at Midnight Mountain time on Nov 30.
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