The Business Starter Kit

Are you an avid Hostess or customer who has a MICHE fashion collection of your own? You already have the handbags to show off, just add marketing materials and a shopping website, and you have all you need to launch an exciting fashion career. Make extra money sharing something you love and believe in! $49.99 is all it takes to start your Miche business! You already love Miche–why not share your passion?

Start your MICHE business TODAY with the purchase of our NEW Business Starter Kit. The low price includes all the latest high-quality print materials you need to market your business plus your very own website.

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*NO required inventory

*NO monthly purchase required

*Weekly pay

*Fabulous incentives

*NO credit card processing fees–Miche takes care of everything!

*No quarterly quota for personal sales

*Power sales bonuses monthly

*Great incentives if you choose to build a team–but it’s YOUR choice!


January Starter Kits (December 30, 2015)
. The Business Starter Kit includes current print materials along with a stylish selection of promotional products.

Starter Kit Welcome Guide

1 pack of Fall/Winter 2015 StyleBooks (15 in a pack)

1 pack of 2015 Holiday Mini StyleBooks (15 in a pack)

Invitation Postcards

Town & Country Flyer

Endless Possibilities Brochure

Miche Shopping Bags

Hostess Order Forms

Showcase Order Forms

Showcase Lapboard

Purse Shaped Paper Clips

3-month PWS and business tools subscription