Spotlight on : Miche Classic Luxe shell~Carmel

Stylish Pizzazz!!

Today’s spotlight is on the Carmel Classic Luxe Miche shell….add a touch of classic style with some extra personality to your fall wardrobe with this limited edition Luxe shell! Get it HERE

The Carmel for Classic Bags is a class act through and through—the perfect accessory for when you dress to impress! You’re sure to fall in love with her deep matte maroon faux leather with diamond stitching and multiple antique brass stud details that mesh perfectly to create a look that’s both rich and stylish. End pockets add a finishing touch. As part of our Luxe line, Carmel comes with matching handles, key fob and a dust cover for easy storage.

Handle dimensions: Length–22.75”; width–1”; handle drop–11.5”
Price: $64.95

May 2012 Miche shells and new releases!! The Cintura bag is here!!

Tah DAh!!! May Miche shells and product sneak peek~
Welcome May Miche!!

Announcing Coastal Escape—–Our new May Miche shells are BEAUTIFUL and “summer inspired” and will be available May 1st on my WEBSITE.

Electric Coral, Electric Blue, Jungle green—are only a few of the colors you’ll see for May—-in A VARIETY OF sizes~~PLUS our new special edition HOPE ARGYLE SHELLS!

Remember, the HOPE shells are LIMITED TIME only, and many of the hope shells released previously have sold out in a matter of weeks~don’t miss out on your chance to get HOPE in your favorite size!!

The Mother’s day PRIMA bundle is also still underway–what a fabulous way to pick up a prima base with two shells for one low low price!!

I’d be honored if you’d follow me on FACEBOOK as well—and invite your friends to join in the fun! Feel free to forward this email to your friends and family–Miche is just too good not to share!

Also new–our “cintura bag” – Willow, can be used as an over the shoulder bag OR as a “belt bag”—-and the handles can be removed and used with another handle for even more style and versatility! Think of the cintura bag or our cross body hipsters when you’re “traveling light” or need an extra bag for cameras and other accessories while vacationing!

These shells will be available on May 1st on my personal website

Until then, enjoy the slideshow—Some shells and product seen here may be retired or temporarily unavailable——

May 2012 Miche coming soon!! Are you excited??

Just a quick update on some “hard to find” Miche shells — These shells are retiring, or scheduled to retire soon–get them before they go on my WEBSITE

The Harlow shell for the Demi base is out of stock as of this posting–it is scheduled to be restocked later this month.

Beverly-Demi shell is currently out of stock with a future restock date in early May.

Demi size: Cecelia, Summer, Hope purple (all sizes) are retired and unavailable via the website….. if you need these shells, I may be able to find you one within the network of fabulous Miche representatives I work with–so don’t hesitate to ask!

Kris–Margaret–and Reyna are critically limited supply, and they are also retiring and will not be restocked! If you need these shells order NOW!

Prima: Laurie shell is critically low and retiring

Classic size: Amber, Dani, Maggie are retiring and limited qty. Leila is critically low and also retiring. These shells will not be restocked.

Petite: Eden, Lulu, Paige are retiring and limited qty.

Rope fashion handles in both black and pewter are out of stock with a restock date expected end of April, Early May–respectively

Looking forward to the new May 2012 Miche shells, which will be soon posted on my website at HTTP://DIVA.MICHE.COM

As always, if you’d like to be the VERY FIRST to see the new releases, special sales, promotions–including MY promotions and sales, join my email list today!!  Items, especially the “SPECIAL EDITION” items, often sell out within the first weeks, and SOMETIMES DAYS!! Those fabulous rope handles are some of the items that sell quickly, so don’t delay!

It’s time to say goodbye to some Miche products that are going into retirement. As of April 30th, these products are being retired and will no longer be available after April 30. QUANTITIES ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED and once they are gone, they’re gone forever. So, if you’ve had your eye on one of these, you better act now because these won’t last long! Order yours today!

Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


Buy Now

Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


Buy Now

Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon


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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon

Laurie (Urban Bag)

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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon

Soft Wallet (deep red)

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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon

Mystic Charmer

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Miche Bag Miche Products Retiring Soon

More Miche news! Another special vintage shell sale—just for you!

More fabulous Miche news~

Miche is having a special “vintage shell” promotion now, through May 31st (while supplies last) ~ and they won’t last for long! All you need to do is make a purchase of $50.00 or more through my Miche website at  (or through one of my parties) and I’ll contact you to assist you with completing your purchase of NOT ONE, not TWO—not even THREE—-You may purchase as many of these special shells for low low prices! As for the price of each shell, that’s something you’ll need to contact me about–I cannot post these prices publicly ~ just shoot me an email at and I’ll be glad to share the news with you 🙂

This promotion will work perfectly with the Mother’s day prima bundle sale which runs through May 4th—-but HURRY because supplies will not last!

Miche inventory update—-hurry while supplies last!

Miche inventory updates!! Final inventory on many items~if you want anything in this photo that is labeled “limited qty-final inventory” now is your chance to grab them—or they’ll be gone forever!

This includes the white linked handles!

Laurie is in her final days—add this shell to our April Mother’s day special with a prima base and another shell for DEEP SAVINGS!

Leila, Amber, Dani. Kris, Reyna, Eden are all available, with limited supply—and are on the “final inventory status”!!  Get yours now at HTTP://DIVA.MICHE.COM

Beverly will return, as will the pewter rope handles.  Stay tuned for more updates by following this blog via email–the link to subscribe is on the lower right side of your page!

UPDATE! Harlow is also limited supply-this popular shell is now listed as limited quantity, with an April restocking date….get this one before it’s gone!

Welcome April 2012 Miche bag new releases~coin purses too!!

Good afternoon!

Here are the new beautiful Miche shells for April, along with the new soft wallets! These wallets are buttery soft in colors to match popular Miche shells–or accent 🙂 – but should you want the Beverly demi shell, or the Summer demi shell to match these beauties, don’t delay, as supplies are very limited!

Margo, Skylar, and Lola coin purses make quite a fashion statement for spring, don’t you think?

Also new are the two HIPSTER BAGS—-These make the 4th release of the hipster! More to come in the future, these popular bags do not have interchangeable shells, but make a fabulous fashion statement ~ use your while out running around, quick trips to the store, or vacationing! I use mine for my camera-and carry it alongside my Miche bag! Great with a jeans and Tee!

The black rope handles will also release in April, however we are still waiting for the silver rope handles, and the white link handles to return to stock—THESE WILL BE LIMITED! I can’t stress this enough, as in previous weeks, the handles and accessories have sold out quickly ( the silver rope handles lasted 48 hours!) Please grab a set as soon as you can, and remember to tell your best friend–or just grab a set for her too! It’s upsetting when a customer is left unhappy because she didn’t get something she really wants—–and when they are gone, chances are good that I have no “hidden resource”. I really do try to provide the best for my customers!

Feel free to share this blog with a friend—-and as always, if you’d like to arrange an online or in-person show, and earn hostess credits and half price shells—-I’m no further away than a click of a mouse, or a phone call!


Polly Workinger-Independent Miche Representative



Miche Demi Beverly shell is BACK IN STOCK!

Just a quick note—the Miche Demi size Beverly shell is back in stock~ One of the most sought after shells this season, it’s been difficult to keep this one in stock—if you have an urgent need for the Beverly shell–or one of the other low quantity alert shells for the Demi such as Summer and Cecelia, it’s in your best interest to order now!

Here is the direct link to the Beverly shell: BEVERLY

Other shells “at risk” are Cecelia, Summer which can be found in this link  DEMI MICHE SHELLS and LAURIE for the Prima base. Don’t miss out!

Hope Purple in all sizes are out of stock-and retired. The white link handles and silver or “pewter” rope handles are scheduled to be released later this month so please don’t forget to check back—or subscribe via email to this blog-I will update as new products become available!

Beverly Miche bag shell (for demi base) is back in stock!

I have great news for those who have been patiently (or maybe not so patiently)!  The Beverly Demi Miche shell is back in stock and available on my website  HERE  now!

This beauty is a February Miche release, and has been in high demand—-and I can see why!  Her big sister Farrah is a March release and is currently available on my website as well.

blanched almond color and her stylish rushing detailing along the sides, snakeskin pattern faux leather.