Miche critical inventory and retirement update list



Just a quick update regarding several Miche items that are CRITICAL INVENTORY status! Many of these items will be retired when quantities are depleted, very few will be re-stocked. To see these items and order now, before they’re gone for good…simply follow the link to the right of their name!

You don’t want to miss out on these beautiful retiring shells, some of them are clearance priced and will be gone within 48 hours time frame!

3157 Rose 3/27/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $34.95 GET IT NOW

9457 Cream Fashion Handles 3/27/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $24.95  GET THEM NOW

 1205 Sedona 3/25/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $69.95 SEE IT HERE

1206 Lucerne 3/25/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $69.95 GET YOURS NOW

3101 Dawn 3/25/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $17.48 CLEARANCE PRICED

5109 Dora 3/25/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $5.98 7592 CLEARANCE PRICED

Marseille 3/25/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $94.95 9441 SEE MARSEILLE HERE

Fashion Handles (white croc) 3/25/2013 Limited Inventory, restock April $24.95 CHECK THEM OUT

9656 Interchangeable Handle Chain Set (gold) 3/22/2013 Out of Stock, restock mid April $12.95

3122 Megan 3/27/2013 Retired $19.98

1143 Ella (black) 3/19/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $24.95

5147 Selena 3/11/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $7.58 See SELENA HERE

9440 Interchangeable Handles (cream) 3/4/2013 Out of Stock, restock mid April $8.95

New April releases will be up on the website on April 1st!! Don’t forget to check them out HERE~

Miche sale shells at 50% off, while supplies last!

Get these Miche shells at clearance prices while they last!!! If you’d like to see ALL shells listed, please visit MY MICHE PERSONAL WEBSITE

For more MICHE SPRING SPECIALS  visit my blog page in reference to the MICHE SPRING SALE  ~~ 15% OFF new spring releases through Feb 28th!!

The clearance items are as follows~

Demi: Dawn, Sharon, Megan, Judith

Petite : Selena, Randi, Mandi, Dora

Stella hip bag



megan demiPS_Demi_Judith_3123_WEB

Miche End of year CLEARANCE sale continues!

Thank you for your patience during the very busy after Christmas sale~it seems that the website is working great now, and your checkout experience should be greatly improved!



The GOOD NEWS, there’s still a lot of MICHE SHELLS and accessories left!!


Here’s a list of the shells remaining: 7$ CLASSIC, 10$ prima, 50-60% off demi and petite, and MICHE WALLETS AND ACCESSORIES–WALLETS FOR $11.98 to match your Beautiful MICHE SHELLS!!


Petite Sienna, Lulu, Dora,Paige, Randi, Nikki, Anjali, Mollie, Lily, Jaz, Cami, Mandi, and Kandy. CLICK HERE

Demi Nora, Patty, Lisa, Sharon, Beverly, Margaret,  Megan, and Judith. CLICK HERE

Classic Janine, Jan’ee,Chloe, Jayne, Barbara, Ashton, Harper. CLICK HERE

Prima Allie, HOPE, Brianna, Delilah, Brianna, Leah, Ryann, Lacy, Erin, Abbie, Mary, Danielle, Robin, Cheryl. CLICK HERE FOR PRIMA




Miche Mother’s day special sale!! Prima bundles are on SALE with huge discounts~

Announcing the wonderful Mother’s day sale on all Prima bundles! This sale is so hot–that the only way you can get the full details is to email me at sdhmhandbags@aol.com and ask for the prices (honest–we aren’t allowed to publicly post prices on social networking sites and blogs~my apologies, but only email subscribers get information on pricing and sales!)  I love to share the news with all my subscribers–and to top it all off, once in a while-you’ll find a special bonus from me in these emails!

So let’s cut the guesswork, and get you informed 🙂  Here’s the insider link! Contact me now at sdhmhandbags@aol.com   or just head on over to my WEBSITE and add a prima base, with ANY TWO SHELLS, including the new releases and THE URBAN SHELLS LAURIE AND CHELSEA (BUT HURRY, LAURIE IS LIMITED QTY)  —and head to checkout—you’ll be AMAZED at the discount that is taken from your shopping cart!!

Mother’s day is coming—so there’s no harm in forwarding these special emails to your children or your mate! (With a special wish list of course!) Don’t miss out on this special deal!

Men, the gift doesn’t have to be limited–you can always tuck tickets for a cruise, a bottle of wine, or some chocolate inside the bag! Your gift of Miche will keep on giving all year long, and she’ll always remember the special extra that you tucked inside! (Jewelry seems popular too–hint hint 😉 !)