Miche Americana Petite, limited inventory– then retired!!

Just an update on the Miche Americana, Pippa, and Debbie shells—- Americana petite is limited inventory. The classic Americana shell at this time, is in stock, with no “warning”, however, as Prima and Demi sold out within the first 10 days of June, it’s only a matter of time before their “little sisters” follow. Debbie (the beautiful Orchid color demi shell) is already “limited”, and her little sister “pippa” is listed at the “critical inventory” status. These remaining June Miche releases can be seen HERE on my personal website. Don’t delay, as they are going fast!

As always, if there’s a favorite Miche shell you’re searching for, feel free to contact me at sdhmhandbags@aol.com — you never know if I have just what you’re looking for!!

5164 Americana 6/7/2013 Limited Inventory, then Retire $14.95

3172 Debbie 6/7/2013 Limited Inventory, then Retire $39.95

1228 Tanya 6/6/2013 Limited Inventory, then Retire $24.95

9098 Rope Fashion Handles (black) 6/6/2013 Limited Inventory, restock mid July $19.95

9455 Interchangeable Handles (silver) 6/4/2013 Out of Stock, restock mid July $24.95

5162 Pippa 6/3/2013 Crictical Inventory, then Retire $18.95

9651 Set of 4 1-1/2″ carabiners- Silver 5/28/2013 Limited Inventory, restock late June $8.95

3112 Joyanna 5/28/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $39.95

3149 Tara 5/21/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $34.95

9654 Set of 4 1″ carabiners – Gold 5/17/2013 Out of Stock, restock early July $5.95

9440 Interchangeable Handles (cream) 5/8/2013 Out of Stock, restock early July $8.95

9656 Interchangeable Handle Chain Set (gold) 5/7/2013 Out of Stock, restock late June $12.95

9442 Interchangeable Handle Straps (tan rope) 5/6/2013

Out of Stock, restock late June $8.95

If there are any “critical” listed here, it reflects that item may sell out within 24-48 hours, if not sooner. To order and view items, visit https://diva.miche.com

Miche white croc handles in stock — limited qty

This just in…. the Miche white croc fashion handles are in stock with limited qty, if you want these handles grab them now while they last!! CLICK HERE to shop!

Walk on the wild side—with style! These handles feature bright gold rivets and hardware, and match Angie for the Prima, Anndrea for the Demi and many other Shells. Dimensions: 22” long; 1” wide; with a 10 ¾” handle drop.
Price: $24.95

white croc

Miche inventory alerts!! Tatum is on the “limited” list!!

7609 Maryanne 5/7/2013 Retired $44.95
7608 Tatum 5/7/2013 Limited Inventory, then Retire $44.95
9117 Convertible Wallet (black) 5/7/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $34.95
9656 Interchangeable Handle Chain Set (gold) 5/7/2013 Out of Stock, restock late June $12.95
9440 Interchangeable Handles (cream) 5/6/2013 Critical Inventory, restock early July $8.95
9442 Interchangeable Handle Straps (tan rope) 5/6/2013 Out of Stock, restock late June $8.95
1192 Carlie 5/3/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $29.95
9459 Petite White Croc Handles with bright gold chain 5/1/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $5.95
1218 Hope (Dove) 4/26/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $29.95
3152 Christina 4/25/2013 Out of Stock, restock late May $39.95
9441 Fashion Handles (white croc) 3/29/2013 Out of Stock, restock early June $24.95

SHOP HERE for these beautiful “flying off the shelves” Miche shells, get them before they’re gone!!

Miche Black Rope Handles, Pewter Rope handles, and white linked handles IN STOCK!!

Just a quick note: The long awaited Miche black rope handles are back in stock–and we still have a supply of the pewter rope handles as well. The white linked handles are limited inventory but not yet critical~

if you’ve been dying for these handles, now’s the time to take action!! Visit HERE now, and pick up a set or two!!

Miche Harlow critical low quantity/ retirement alert!

Harlow--demi shellLimited inventory alert and retirement announcement ~ Harlow is now listed as “critically low quantity” on my WEBSITE and will be RETIRING when all supplies are depleted. If you love this shell, and don’t want to miss your chance–it’s time to take action!  Head over to my personal website  right now and get her before she’s gone!

Also please note, the Miche black rope fashion handles and Pewter rope fashion handles are out of stock—both expected to be restocked end of May or early June! Stay tuned for details on my FACEBOOK PAGE ~