April Miche bag shells are arriving soon!

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable St. Patrick’s day. I am stuffed with corned beef and cabbage, and look forward to a relaxing weekend ahead!

I’m very excited for spring, and it seems that Northern Illinois has gotten a head start! My crocus were in full bloom this morning, and tulips are coming up! Nice 60-65 degree weather would make you think you were somewhere other than Illinois! Spring also means capri shorts and sandals, and new spring wardrobe colors-so I’m very excited about the upcoming release in my Miche bag world, Candace, Sabrina, and Natalie! I’m in a different world altogether when I unpack my shipments-you should see my living room on shipment day! You might find me in a corner playing with purses, instead of working hard, I’ll warn you. 🙂

Would you like a first peek at the new April 2010 Miche bag shells? Updates on new shells and release dates?

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Another exciting update–RED ELLIE IS BACK! Customer demand has brought our Red ellie classic shell out of retirement, and I can’t be more excited! This one retired before I became a representative, and I really wanted it..now I can add her to my collection!

You can add her too! Just email me for more information 🙂

Red Ellie

Just another day in the life….

Today was a relatively stress free day after mailing out shipments on Saturday and delivering Miche bags and shells today to all the great customers that have placed an order-they are greatly appreciated!

I am sad to announce that we might not see the release of the Madelyn shell until next week-I’m disappointed, as there has been great interest in the Madelyn shell. I will update as soon as this shell is released, and keep everyone updated on the April releases! I’m so pleased that we have new shells every month, it gives me such enjoyment to open the packages!

I spent the morning with my grandkids, and my daughter for coffee. Of course, I was required to bring her a new shell, the Laney. I’m glad she likes it!  I wonder how long it will take for my grand daughter to start showing interest in the bags as well, but for now her Polly pockets and her play purses seem to be enough!

I will be submitting an order this evening, if you have something you want please contact me before midnight!




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