Miche APRIL 2013 Hope shells, Autism Keychain, April releases NOW AVAILABLE!

Miche April Releases and Promotions
It’s APRIL~ Spring forward with your new Miche shells and accessories, to compliment your spring wardrobe!! These colors and styles are the “cutting edge” in Spring fashion! HOPE SHELLS are limited quantity — and some new HOPE shells have sold out within WEEKS of release!! Don’t hesitate to get yours now while quantities last.  SEE THEM HERE

New for April ~

A new Hope design featuring a built-in heart-shaped picture frame makes a great gift for you or someone you love, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Hope products this month benefits Autism Speaks. Think Hope–make a difference!
April Accessories


Hope for Autism Bundle
During the month of April, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all Hope products will be donated to Autism Speaks. Founded in 2005, Autism Speaks is the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism.

In addition to our current and new Hope Shells, we are bringing back some retired Hope designs for April’s Hope for Autism Bundle Offer. Purchase any Hope Shell this month, bundle it with our new puzzle-design Hope Key Chain (autism awareness) and you’ll get the key chain for half off the retail price! Shop my site beginning April 1 for this unique offer and look chic while making a difference.

She was a super-popular item in the Miche line before her November retirement, and now the chic Morgan Hip Bag is making an encore appearance.
With any Getting-Started Bundle purchase during the month of April, you can get a Morgan Hip Bag for just $15 (a $34.95 value)! This is another great deal from Miche to help refresh your spring accessories wardrobe, but shop fast because supplies of the Morgan Hip Bag are limited, and when she’s gone–she’s gone!

More great news!
When you host a qualifying Party in April, you can get this Hostess Exclusive Tote absolutely FREE! See details below.
This gorgeous tote is not for sale, it can only be earned by holding a Party; so call me right away to schedule!


Hostess Exclusive Tote
Here’s something new and exciting for my wonderful Hostesses!
For April Parties only, Hostesses receive a FREE limited-edition Miche Hostess Exclusive Tote (a $39.95 value!) with a Party of $200 or more two (2) bookings from that Party. It’s easy, and I’ll help you get those bookings. This beautiful bag makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift (coming up May 12) or you may just want to keep yours! And there’s no better price than “free,” is there?

Hostess Tote This roomy carry-all may not be interchangeable, but it glows with Miche style through and through! Glossy croc faux leather in the hottest of reds features subtle shading, contrasting soft black stitching and comfy handles. Nylon-lined interior has zippered pocket, two cell phone-sized open pockets and three pen sleeves. Open top. Dimensions: 12 x 20”; 7”—deep rectangular base; 9 ½” handle drop. Retail value: $39.95. Not for sale—only available to qualifying Miche Hostesses.

Don’t miss out on any of these great deals… Shop now at


April releases will become available April 1st!! HOPE shells have a history of selling fast~in the past, some shells were sold out within the first two weeks! With the purchase of any HOPE shell, you have the opportunity to get the HOPE Autism key ring (can be used as a purse charm) 50% off!
Polly Workinger
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Supplement your income with Miche!

The new year is coming–and your business kit is tax deductible~why not get started today?


It’s true: with this one bag, there really are endless possibilities.  If you see a possibility at Miche for you, especially one that you feel  fits your goals, personality, and diverse life experiences, we’re glad  to hear from you. And if you want to know the top 10 reasons why to work  for Miche as a Sales Representative before you start, here  they are.


The Miche Bag is  awesome. Think back to the first time you saw it and thought, “Wait,  what was that?” And oh yes it is–it’s an interchangeable handbag that’s  super easy to change and practical. Thank goodness because we change  those covers a lot. A lot. A lot. With at least 35 shells and constantly  new shells coming out, it truly is awesome. And being able to change  the handles puts it beyond awesome. We know that our product is fun,  exciting, and practical, and that’s why we stand behind it. Well, on  second thought, standing behind the Miche Bag really isn’t practical for  every day use–we like to wear our Miche Bags on our shoulders.


We want to deliver a product that has the highest possible quality. If a  Miche product ever goes out that doesn’t meet this standard, we replace  it. We like happy customers, and you will too.


We love this part: always having new options to expand our purse  collection. Our customers love it too. With a product with such high  quality, it’s hard not to want to come back when there’s a new Miche Bag  shell that is irresistible.


You  can probably tell by now that our customers love us. We offer a quick  solution to pulling together an attractive outfit. We know what it’s  like to have a busy schedule filled with our favorite sports, friends,  family members, hobbies, activities, work appointments, and does the  list ever end? Different occasions call for different outfits, and  emptying out a purse and moving the contents to another purse isn’t  practical, especially if you’ve left your keys, phone, iPod, paper with  the address to where you’re going in your other purse. (You don’t have  to admit it out loud though.) It’s also hard to have time to match  purses with an outfit. But with the Miche Bag, it really only takes  seconds. And, yes, we’re all smiles. It’s hard not to when we walk out  the door with a different purse every day that coordinates what we’re  wearing, especially when it only took us seconds and we’re frustration  free.


Our product is  functional, and we’re into innovation. Not only do our covers change,  but the handles can be exchanged for long handles, which are perfect for  bike riding, or short handles, which are perfect for a night on the  town, or long handles, which go great over winter coats. So while the  functional part of our interchangeable purse is here to stay, our  designs aren’t here to stay. They are updated to current fashion trends  and, thus, retired when their job is done. This is a great thing: for  the majority of women, practical fashion is a must, and when they see  the Miche Bag, they’ll see it’s value.

6. THERE IS A NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU. Miche bag is transitioning into a party plan business. You may choose to sell Miche Bags, or you may choose a career path and develop a team. It’s your choice. The earning potential does not have a ceiling!


If you’re ready to work hard, you’re ready for success.


If you have questions about having great house parties, ask us. Training is essential, you’ll never be alone! We have numerous resources for you to make the most out of your Miche Business!


We  understand if you want something flexible. There are opportunities for  you if you want a part time job or a couple hours a month. There’s also  an opportunity for you if you want to replace your full time job with  something awesome.


We can’t just tell you that it’s fun. Even though we really think it is. You’ll have to try it out and see for yourself.

There you have it! I’m looking for more fun, energetic team members nationwide to help market these fabulous handbags~getting started won’t break the bank!  I’ve been enjoying the world of Miche for nearly two years–and love to teach what I’ve learned along the way!

A question I hear frequently is “how much do you make” or “how much can I make” selling Miche? I’m not going to lie to you—you’ll make money as a direct results of your actions. If you work your business, and get out there-the sky is the limit. You can’t sell Miche without action.  I will tell you this though-selling Miche keeps utilities on, food on the table, and bills up to date in this household. Some women sell Miche simply to support their habits, and many use that income to support their families. It’s all in your “why”. I started selling Miche to support my habit–but things took off and I found it’s so much more than just a hobby!

Contact me today at 815-721-5549 or email me at sdhmhandbags@aol.com for more info~if you’re so excited that you simply can’t wait—visit my WEBSITE to learn more! (There’s a contact form there for your convenience)