Miche out of stock alert~don’t panic!!

Regretfully, the white linked handles are now out of stock–as is Martha (the demi shell) on my website.

The Miche white linked handles are expected to be back in stock in March, and I will post an update when they are back.

Currently, we have the 1 inch carabiners, and the 1.5 inch carabiners back in stock on my website.

There are limited quantities remaining on the following Miche products: Get them while they last!!




Jessica -CLASSIC


Cabana Charmer:

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Beautiful Summer July 2011 Miche Bag Shells~

Welcome to the new July 2011 MIche bag shells!

Jessica, standard classic Miche bag shell is rich red with white trim, and would look gorgeous with the cream handles as well as the original black handles.
Tammy is a premium classic shell, brown with a woven pattern-and will compliment the brown base as well as your black base, and looks lovely with the long brown or brown chain handles.
Fiona–a beautiful black canvas shell with a black and white bow for the Miche big bag!
Last but not least is Devyn, a pink camouflage pattern in a wrap around style for the Mini Miche bag!
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