Miche Ivy shell limited qty- no plans to restock! This is the final inventory of Ivy!


Here are the latest updates of limited qty Miche shells! Ivy is limited with final inventory status, so this one is on my urgent hot list–if you love Ivy, get her now!

Cecelia, Summer, Kris, Reyna are limited quantity–for the demi size base.  Amber, Dani, Leila, are also currently limited—for the classic base. Eden is limited for the petite base. Laurie, the urban shell for the prima base is also limited qty. We’ll see the pewter rope handles again in mid may, as well as Beverly again in April!

These are MUST have shells and accessories—if you want them get them now at http://diva.miche.com


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Miche out of stock alert~don’t panic!!

Regretfully, the white linked handles are now out of stock–as is Martha (the demi shell) on my website.

The Miche white linked handles are expected to be back in stock in March, and I will post an update when they are back.

Currently, we have the 1 inch carabiners, and the 1.5 inch carabiners back in stock on my website.

There are limited quantities remaining on the following Miche products: Get them while they last!!




Jessica -CLASSIC


Cabana Charmer:

Visit my website at http://diva.miche.com  to order today~but make sure you subscribe to my blog by email to get updates when those white handles and Martha are back–and see the new and upcoming February releases~there’s a link on the lower right hand side for your convenience—–