Miche holiday gift guide for men~



You drew a womans name from the basket again—hoping for a male co-worker or relative to be your gift recipient–because it’s just easier to buy for a man. Panic sets in, and you hope nobody can detect those small beads of sweat on your brow. Now what?

Gift giving to women is so personal, in a world of handbags, jewelry, cosmetics and “fluff” a man often finds himself confused and disoriented. What’s the best gift for the gal who has everything? What can I get her that’s unique and thoughtful? What the heck do women want anyhow?

Let me share–it’s not a frying pan. It’s not the designer knock off perfume on sale at the drug store. It’s your nightmare—but there is a solution!

Jewelry is definitely out if you’re buying for the office temp-that might give her the wrong idea-it’s awkward. You don’t buy a casual acquaintance a diamond necklace, So what’s a guy to do?

Research shows that the top two most sought after purchases for women, by women-are shoes, and handbags. You can hardly know her shoe size, and women are “funny” about their shoes! Trust me on this men, the best thing to do is get her something she’ll use every day-something that keeps on giving. Something she can proudly display~Women love a handbag!

But what kind? What color? Does she like snakeskin? Is she the animal print type? You’d be surprised!

What’s a fella to do?

Get her the only handbag she’ll ever need—the one she’ll never change again….

You see, women love handbags—and something as unique as the Miche bag is a safe bet for a great gift, because it has interchanging outer shells that complete her look, regardless of what she’s wearing. She can continue using her gift as she builds her own collection of Miche bag shells–even the handles can be changed~she’ll remember who gave her this gift!

She can choose shells for her handbag to match whatever she wears, or accessorize her outfit, reflect her personality, or celebrate a holiday! We have dozens (okay, I’m playing it down–we have HUNDREDS) of possibilities for her enjoyment and selection—so you simply can’t go wrong! Choose a Base miche bag (this is what the shell goes on) and a couple of shells that you think she may like…..if you don’t know, black or brown shades are a great start to begin a collection.

When she realizes that she has the perfect handbag–you can bet she’ll thank you later — and she’ll KEEP on using your gift, because every single month, Miche has new shells for her fabulous new handbag!!

Shopping for someone a bit closer? Wife, Fiancee??? Girlfriend? In my experience, your lady would LOVE a surprise, with a surprise tucked inside!!! From a bottle of wine, to concert tickets, tickets for a fabulous cruise or vacation location! You can even propose with a ring inside! The possibilities are endless and the package can reach the limits of your wildest dreams! We even have JEWELRY for the woman in your life!

We also have MICHE ACCESSORIES starting at $9.95, including Miche wristlets, coin purses, charmers, wallets, and additional handles–these make great stocking stuffers!!

Order early for prompt delivery JUST in time for holiday gift giving!! For best results, your gift should be ordered from my MICHE WEBSITE PRIOR to December 7th, to avoid additional shipping fees for expedited shipping.

Don’t want to be “caught” by the guys while shopping? Head on over to my WEBSITE and shop privately and securely–your gift can be shipped to your home or office.

Men, what are you waiting for?? I also offer “gift certificates” online…and you can gift her with the certificate, allow her to choose exactly what she loves, and make her giddy with excitement!! I’ve already had several smart fellows contact me regarding a gift certificate. You can contact me at sdhmhandbags@aol.com and I’ll make SURE she gets what she wants! Remember, shipping for CHRISTMAS delivery is December 13th at noon MT. Don’t miss out, and have to pay for expedited shipping!! Let me take care of you now!!!

Call me at 815-721-5549 to arrange your holiday gift!