Miche throwback Thursday 11-20-14 * Miche Black Friday is coming!


This is the last Miche throwback Thursday for the remainder of the year…..because Miche Black Friday and cyber weekend is COMING soon! You won’t want to miss these stellar deals….so make SURE you subscribe to get your Miche information CLICK HERE  to get Miche sales updates from me! I’ll even be available to assist you with your order during this busy busy time! My phone number is 815-721-5549 and I will be up during the event (yes, even during those “wee hours” to assist my customers personally! Just ask for Polly!

Sarah is your Miche throwback sale of the day! For the petite base, with a touch of wild, $5.00 today only while they last! Order a few of these, they make great gifts!

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