Miche 7th anniversary countdown~ LAST DAY!

july7This is IT!! The very LAST DAY of Miche’s 7th anniversary sale~and today it’s all about the “bling”!  Day’s 1-6 are STILL AVAILABLE on our website too, in the event you’re shopping for great deals and discounts on Miche shells, hip bags, and accessories~

Sale pricing up to 33% off our beautiful fashion jewelry!

Our sparkling studs CZ earrings are set in a tarnish resistant sterling silver setting—at REMARKABLE PRICES!!

The cleopatra bracelet, Mikado bangles bracelet, and the morning dew necklace are SIMPLY STUNNING and accessories your summer wardrobe well into fall!

CLICK HERE to go to my Miche website


Miche JULY SALES AND SPECIALS!! Miche anniversary sale GRAND FINALE!!

As if Miche BOGO wasn’t fabulous enough, ( and that ends June 30!!) There’s even MORE TO GET EXCITED ABOUT!!!  We wouldn’t leave you hanging in July, would we!!!!


For the 7 days leading up to our 7th Anniversary, MICHE is offering a new assortment of items every day at incredible prices!

New daily items go active at 9 AM MOUNTAIN TIME EACH DAY.

These items represent a little look back at our history and honor product lines introduced from 2007 to the present.

For example, on Day 1 we’re offering Classic Shells. The Classic was the very first MICHE bag size to hit the market and initial designs were introduced in 2007.

Products may have limited quantities and are available
only while supplies last.

If inventory allows, product availability will carry over into one or more subsequent days.

Anniversary Countdown items are shown in a special Anniversary Countdown section in the Shop area of MY WEBSITE STARTING TOMORROW!!

CLICK HERE TO GO THERE Every day!! Through July 7th!! Don’t miss these fabulous specials!!!


07shells july2 july3 july4 july5 july6 july7




















July Customer & Hostess Specials
Summer is in full swing and with it come weddings, vacations, parties and other fun activities. Why not
indulge in some charming Looking Glass jewelry to finish your look?
∙ The Looking Glass Faith Bracelet & Earring Set is exclusive to Hostesses with Parties of $200
PV or more and is purchased by using Hostess Rewards! This item cannot be purchased
by customers. Earn yours by contacting me for an online virtual or “in person” Miche style session— email me now at sdhmhandbags@aol.com or call Polly 815-721-5549
∙ Both Looking Glass Necklace designs are Customer Specials. Customers who spend $129 or
more can choose their favorite FREE at checkout.

july customr and hostess s[

Miche Throwback Thursday 4-24-14

Quiet elegance is what the Virginia for Classic Bags is all about. No need for bright colors to get attention—she captures every eye in the room with original styling and to-die-for detailing. Perfect for lunch at a corner bistro in Paris—or maybe just for Sunday brunch at your favorite local café. Cream faux leather with basket weave-textured scallop detail in cherry blossom pink.

CLICK HERE to view and order! ONLY THROUGH 8AM 4/25, AND ONLY while they LAST!!

Experience the elegance of spring with the sophistication of Virginia by your side. This Classic Shell is ONLY $8.50 while supplies last!
*Base and Handles not included

REMINDER—- To make room for all the NEW MAY product, there are SEVERAL Miche shells and accessories that will be retired on May 1st– CLICK HERE for the entire list (some of these are sales/clearance, and can be viewed in the sale items section of my website!

Miche April customer special–and several other products retiring May 1st!

customerapril14 Mother’s day is COMING, as are many other gift giving occasions!!

Miche is releasing NUMEROUS accessories and shells on May 1st, and to make room for the new—- MANY previous styles are retiring!

Don’t miss out on  your last chance to grab these dazzling earrings— CLICK  HERE to purchase!




HERE is the most recent list of all retiring items— PLEASE take a look at this list, and if there’s something you must have— order today! These items are scattered throughout the Miche website, and some are in the “sale items” section — CLICK HERE before it’s too late!


Retiring Product List:

1220 Beux Retires 5/1/2014 $64.95
1231 Gloria Retires 5/1/2014 $14.98
1218 Hope (dove) for Classic Retires 5/1/2014 $29.95
1198 Hope (White) – Classic Retires 5/1/2014 $29.95
1129 Kandace Retires 5/1/2014 $14.98
1262 Montreal-Classic Retires 5/1/2014 $64.95
1180 Silvia Retires 5/1/2014 $12.48
1251 Vixen – Classic Retires 5/1/2014 $14.98
3204 Aubrey – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $22.72
3188 Gabby – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $22.72
3180 Gianna Retires 5/1/2014 $17.48
3163 Hope (dove) for Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3139 Hope (Blue) – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3167 Hope (Script) – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3185 Jenna Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3193 Jennica-Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3196 Lisbon Retires 5/1/2014 $84.95
3182 Marcella Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3220 Montreal-Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $79.95
3165 Rouen Retires 5/1/2014 $79.95
3206 Vixen – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $19.98
5128 Alice Retires 5/1/2014 $14.95
5165 Geneva Retires 5/1/2014 $7.48
5163 Inga Retires 5/1/2014 $14.95
5127 Mikah Retires 5/1/2014 $14.95
5105 Sarah Retires 5/1/2014 $14.95
5186 Shelly-Petite Retires 5/1/2014 $18.95
5125 Tess Retires 5/1/2014 $7.48
5179 Vixen – Petite Retires 5/1/2014 $9.48
7567 Adrianna Retires 5/1/2014 $22.48
7594 Charlee Retires 5/1/2014 $29.22
7600 Hope (dove) for Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $44.95
7516 Hope (Black/White) – Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $44.95
7585 Hope (White) – Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $44.95
7591 Hope (Blue) – Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $44.95
7503 Lexi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
7639 Milea-Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
7565 Morgan Retires 5/1/2014 $19.98
7602 Normandy Retires 5/1/2014 $89.95
7569 Rihanna Retires 5/1/2014 $22.48
7570 Rosalyn Retires 5/1/2014 $29.22
7553 Valerie Retires 5/1/2014 $22.48
7606 Valicity Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
7630 Vixen – Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $22.48
42 Art Deco Drop Earring Retires 5/1/2014 $19.50
41 Art Deco Jet Earring Retires 5/1/2014 $24.70
69 Drop Accent Duo Silver – Pearl & Panther Head Retires 5/1/2014 $30.00
7 Duette Accent 2-Tone Multi Chain Retires 5/1/2014 $35.00
23 Garnet Stone Accent Retires 5/1/2014 $25.00
38 Multi-Row Crystal Stretch Bracelet Retires 5/1/2014 $20.80
32 Panther Bracelet (gold) Retires 5/1/2014 $22.10
17 Pendant Accent Amethyst Retires 5/1/2014 $25.00
25 Sparkling Studs – Set of 2 Retires 5/1/2014 $29.95
26 Sparkling Studs – Set of 4 Retires 5/1/2014 $34.95

Miche FLASH SALE!!! All base bags are 50% off!!!!

What’s more fun than a FLASH SALE???

A Miche FLASH SALE!! Starting NOW, THROUGH October 22, enjoy 50% off all Miche bases!  Fabulous time to stock up for gift giving, replacing a worn base, or start a new collection in a different size!!  CLICK HERE to get started!!

THAT’S  NOT ALL!!! This special sale has been reflected on ALL getting started bundles, AND with your “getting started” bundle, you will get the interchangeable chain handles in brown and black, with silver and antique brass FREE!! CLICK HERE  to see the “getting started” bundles!!  (Getting started bundles include your base, with two same size shells)

Don’t miss out—we STILL have quite a few SALE shells, at 50% off!!  Combining these sales could mean BIG SAVINGS for you—and there are NO LIMITS!! CLICK HERE to see which shells are on sale right now!!

base bag promo

Miche inventory update 10-10-2013 ~ critical inventory/retiring soon!!

Here is the most current inventory update. Many new shells are selling out fast so always go to my website for the most up-to-date information available!

moscow prima miche shell critical inventory retire

Critical then retires

moscow demi miche shell critical inventory retire

Critical then retires

critical inventory porsha hip bag miche

Critical then retires

joella demi miche shell on sale discount critical

Critical then retires

critical inventory retires mekenna miche petite shell

Critical then retires

limited inventory retires reed hip bag miche

Limited then retires

limited inventory retire trisha prima miche shell

Limited then retires

backorder limited elsa prima miche shell

Backorder #7614B

back in stock limited inventory cheery demi miche shell

Back in stock, limited time

devanee demi miche shell critical inventory

Critical, more soon

critical inventory elsa classic miche shell

Critical, more soon

critical inventory elsa demi miche shell

Critical, more soon

rhonda classic miche shell critical inventory

Critical, more soon

interchangeable spruce handles critical inventory

Critical, more soon

double pendant accent pearl 3 three strand miche

Critical, more soon

single pendant base necklace silver twist limited stock pending restock miche

Critical, more soon

Miche shells and jewelry, critical and limited inventory list 10/9/13

These are the updates on critical and limited inventory as of 10-9-13 *please note, some inventory will be retired when supplies are depleted! If any of these are on your MUST HAVE list, CLICK HERE and type the name of the item in the search bar—and order now! When these items are gone, you may never see them again!


Product Alert level Alert Date Alert Notes/ Availability Price
3195 Moscow 10/9/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $84.95
9112 Wristlet (metallic snake) 10/9/2013 Retired $24.95
9313 Porsha 10/8/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $34.95
7614 Elsa 10/8/2013 Temporarily out of stock, use back order sku 7614B $44.95
4 Duette Accent Multi Strand Pearl 10/7/2013 Critical Inventory, then Restock $35.00
15 Base Pendant Necklace Silver Chain 10/1/2013 Critical Inventory, then Restock $30.00
5166 Cheery 10/1/2013 Critical Inventory, then Restock $14.95
3191 Devanee 10/1/2013 Critical Inventory, then Restock $39.95
1234 Elsa 10/1/2013 Critical Inventory, then Restock $29.95
9445 Interchangeable Handle Strap (spruce) 10/1/2013 Critical Inventory, then Restock $8.95
3132 Joella 10/1/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $17.48
5134 Mekenna 10/1/2013 Critical Inventory, then Retire $7.98
9310 Reed Hip Bag 10/1/2013 Limited Inventory, then Retire $17.48
7616 Trisha 10/1/2013 Limited Inventory, then Retire $44.95
3183 Elsa 9/30/2013 Critical Inventory, then Restock $39.95
1233 Rhonda 9/24/2013 Critical Inventory, then Restock $24.95

Miche SPECTACULAR Throwback Thursday deal–DON’T miss this one!!

updated—– The bundle is sold out, however, remember we have a fabulous sale going on, and you can STILL get that brown classic Miche base for $9.95



Fabulous THROWBACK Thursday deal!!
I LOVE Throwback Thursday– today I’m really excited to tell you about this special deal!!

Purchase this bundle — Classic Miche brown base PLUS the Raquel and Alina shell today only through 8am Friday for only $16.95!!! Can you believe it!!!

Don’t miss this one!! You’ll definitely want to start some holiday shopping and order more than one~ The regular price on the brown base is $34.95!! CLICK HERE to head on over–they’ll only be available while supplies last!!


Spotlight on Miche “JENNA” shell ~~ Animal magnetism!


The Jenna for Demi Miche Bags has sex appeal that really purrs! Ebony and creamy-taupe leopard-print faux leather is accented with criss-crossing strips of black on the front along with tiny rivets in all the right places. You’ll feel powerful and fierce with this feline confection on your arm. Back zippered pocket with oval bottom design.

Base Bag and Handles not included CLICK HERE for ordering Miche online from my personal website!
Price: $39.95

#Miche sneak peek ~ Deal of the day for July 9th 2013

Amanda and Pat are the deal of the day for Tuesday July 9th!! These beauties go on sale at 10am CST July 9th~


Yes, these two beauties are for the Prima Miche base ~~ and they won’t last! Highly sought after and delectable in shades of light pale pink and salmon!! These shells are highly sought after, and may not last through the day, so please order early if you’d like them. CLICK HERE to go to my personal website for descriptions and ordering information~~