Miche handles, carabiners 20% off sale!!


Spring has SPRUNG!!

Let me ask you…. what other company has interchangeble handles for their handbag–allowing such fabulous benefits as changing the look or style of your bag? WE do!
Whether you’re bored with your look and want something new, to allow you to take your day bag to evening, or you simply need a new set of handles because you’ve worn yours out!! You don’t NEED a new bag— just grab a favorite shell, then head on over to MY PERSONAL MICHE WEBSITE and grab your new beautiful discounted Miche handles! This special is only available in March, while quantities last (with a deal this great, there could be a potential shortage!)

Don’t forget to check out the new releases and the BEAUTIFUL MICHE LUXE shells while you’re there!

Looking forward to warmer weather soon~~