January Miche double hostess rewards!!

New beginnings and a fresh start to the new year!! Please help me welcome the beautiful Jan-Feb hostess only shells (and that fabulous little hip bag!)  as well as the January Double hostess rewards program!

These shells are not available to the general public until March— if there are any remaining! To get yours now, you’ll want to schedule a Miche show– hostess parties that qualify at $300.00 in sales can choose to purchase one of EACH of these gems!





Check out the JANUARY ONLY double hostess rewards chart… (reward starts at qualifying show of $300.00)  hostessonlyjanfebDON’T DELAY ~~CONTACT me today to schedule your in person (or online if distance is greater than 2 hours of Rockford Illinois) show.

Polly Workinger Independent Miche representative/Executive Director 815-721-5549


Miche double hostess credits are in FULL SWING!! ENDS Oct 31st!

Online Miche shows are eligible for double hostess benefits! No mess, no sorting, no cleaning! All orders will be immediately shipped to your guests when they order online from your show! Want the mostest? Be my hostess!

If you’re located within 1.5 hours of the Rockford Illinois area, I’d love to do your in home, office, salon, or spa show!! I can party just about anywhere you’d like to set up—if you’d prefer to hostess somewhere other than your home, give me a jingle! 815-721-5549

So, what are you waiting for?? Contact me today at sdhmhandbags@aol.com or visit my website and contact me for more information! HTTPS://DIVA.MICHE.COM