Miche jewelry review– Morning dew necklace

It’s no secret, I LOVE jewelry!! I am just so excited to promote the Miche morning dew seasonal necklace!! If I were to rate this necklace on a 1-10 scale, she would most definitely rate a 12!! Carefree and spring and summer worthy!!

This is your “summer” necklace, your “spring” necklace, your vacation and cruise necklace!! This gorgeous beauty won’t last forever though—Miche items retire from season to season–make sure you get yours now~~CLICK HERE to go to my Miche personal website~~as a fact, this necklace will soon be visiting Punta Cana with me, as I’ve earned the fabulous trip as part of my Miche representative benefits!!! Hawaii is the next goal, and an Ipad MINI is along the way to this fabulous destination!!!

Destined to be your favorite new statement accessory, this necklace features glass beads and semi-precious stones as well as chains in assorted sizes and shapes, with gold hardware. 18” long with 4” removable extension.


Miche Jewelry — seasonal collection.

Introducing Miche jewelry SEASONAL collection!! Shades of blue, green, teal and gold are sure to please! The mikado selections give a touch of the far eastern charm to your outfit! Perfect for those hot summer nights out on the town, or even just at the office! CLICK HERE to see the entire Miche jewelry lineup and shop online!


Morning Dew Necklace $98.00


Mikado stackable rings $32.00



Mikado Bangles–set of three $34.00


Mikado hoops $26.00


Turquoise drop earrings $30.00

Spotlight on MICHE double pendant -silvertone

Miche Interchangeable jewelry!! Wear the pendant alone, or with the accents for an entirely different look!! Sometimes, you feel like chains, sometimes you feel like pearls, and once in a while you feel casual!! NO PROBLEM! Of course there are many other options available–CLICK HERE to see them all!!

I’m loving the interchangeable magnetic jewelry “almost” as much as the Miche bag with interchangeable shells!! Miche does fashion right by giving us options!

I have personally been very impressed with this jewelry—I’m the worlds “klutziest” person….but the magnets are very secure, and not one time did I feel as if I was going to lose an attachment! Check them out on my personal website for fashion jewelry with a magnetic twist!