Fabulous new Miche White base!!! Limited time~

Just when I thought Miche had it all, they offer something new!

This fabulous classic white base will rock your spring and summer Miche shells! It has black sides, so the shell will nicely blend. This is different than the previously offered “cream base” and will really look spectacular with the white linked handles!

Get it NOW at http://diva.miche.com ~ this is a limited time release. When they’re gone–they’re gone!

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June 2011 shells coming soon!

Miche bag shells will soon be released and you won’t be disappointed, I promise! I’m so excited about these shells, they’re exactly what I’ve been hoping for, but I can’t share them yet 😦

Don’t be too disappointed, I will keep you updated with every new miche bag shell release on FACEBOOK-new photos, retiring shells, and tips on how to care for and store your miche bags, availability, and information on party dates and local events! Follow me to stay current with all news Miche!

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