Miche jewelry review– Morning dew necklace

It’s no secret, I LOVE jewelry!! I am just so excited to promote the Miche morning dew seasonal necklace!! If I were to rate this necklace on a 1-10 scale, she would most definitely rate a 12!! Carefree and spring and summer worthy!!

This is your “summer” necklace, your “spring” necklace, your vacation and cruise necklace!! This gorgeous beauty won’t last forever though—Miche items retire from season to season–make sure you get yours now~~CLICK HERE to go to my Miche personal website~~as a fact, this necklace will soon be visiting Punta Cana with me, as I’ve earned the fabulous trip as part of my Miche representative benefits!!! Hawaii is the next goal, and an Ipad MINI is along the way to this fabulous destination!!!

Destined to be your favorite new statement accessory, this necklace features glass beads and semi-precious stones as well as chains in assorted sizes and shapes, with gold hardware. 18” long with 4” removable extension.


How to become a Miche representative

So, who wants to have lots of fun in 2013, is energetic and positive?

Check it out ~ we have a great group of ladies with a “team training” approach! No exp necessary, just motivation and drive!

What does this mean? Truly, the Miche opportunity is legitimate- I can promise it’s not another one of those “get rich quick” schemes you’ve seen in other places. It’s something you have to work for, and work at. No posting ads in random places and expectations of instant gratification. Being a Miche representative is just like a “job”.. only your boss is the person whose skin you wake up in every day, and the person you see in the mirror. That said—you can set your own hours, work toward your own goals, and reach your ultimate potential, all while having fun, enjoying the company of other women, and carrying the most fashionable handbag!

Our team values a “team approach”-if you have questions along the way, you’ll have an entire team of other great representatives to assist you with suggestions, references, and training! Miche also has fabulous training materials, both in person, online, and via webinar and phone. You’ll work for yourself-but you’re never alone!

So, what kind of people become Miche representatives? We have nurses, teachers, postal workers, delivery drivers,  women and men  with Associate degrees, Bachelor degrees, and Masters degrees – as well as High School educated, and women, as well as men, that have never had any formal education.  No experience is necessary, the training is on the job–and your earnings depend on your individual efforts! ANYONE with drive and desire can reach their full potential as a Miche representative…it all depends on YOU!

Do you have what it takes? Learn more now CLICK HERE

I know you’ll have questions, and you can feel free to contact me at sdhmhandbags@aol.com ~ no obligation, just request the information and I’ll be glad to share it with you! If you decide at that point you’d like to become part of a great team, just let me know!

Polly Workinger-Independent Miche representative/ Executive Director