September Miche bag shells and New Demi Miche bag and shells on sale tomorrow, Sept 1st!

Just a quick update and reminder, tomorrow is the magical day!

The new September Miche bags, shells, and Demi bag (with a choice of magnificent shells, total of 6!  They are here, and they will be on my website and ready to purchase tomorrow morning! It’s been a long wait-but well worth it!

You can view the shells on my facebook page  posted on this blog, right now~

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We also have a brand new HOPE shell for the petite, classic, and prima bag—

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History of the handbag!

I really enjoyed this article about HANDBAG history. The earliest I can remember taking notice of a handbag is in the 1960’s, when Jackie Kennedy was often photographed during her husband’s presidency–(yes–I am that old) It seemed she was so sharply dressed, always with a hat and handbag, and perfect shoes. She looked so “pulled together”.  What is the first fashion statement you recall? Did it include a handbag?

I was surprised to realize that Handbags (or versions of them) have been around much much longer! Check out this read~


One day, I’m sure Miche Bag will be included in random history-the bag that changed everything!

Miche bag demonstrated–in the eyes of a child!

The Miche bag in the eyes of a purse diva!



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Miche Bag classic shells for April have been released!

We’ve waited a long long time for the release of these shells….and today—————-The classic Miche shells Kandace, Natalie, and Sabrina have been released! Now available-contact me for ordering and pricelist at

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