Join Miche now ~ have you thought about becoming a Miche representative/

I’m looking for motivated and energetic women that love fashion and handbags to partner with me~ Miche has a fabulous compensation plan, and my growing team needs you! Team support, sponsoring and training, and company support-as well as a website and business materials to help you get started–we’re with you all the way! Visit Sophisticated Diva-Unique Handbags and accessories to learn more about the opportunity or come visit my website at

Miche is an already well established and sought after product–with an already well established company!

You may contact me at 815-721-5549  or at for more information! I know you have many questions—and I will gladly assist you to help you make your decision—-is Miche right for you? Let’s talk!

September Miche bag shells and New Demi Miche bag and shells on sale tomorrow, Sept 1st!

Just a quick update and reminder, tomorrow is the magical day!

The new September Miche bags, shells, and Demi bag (with a choice of magnificent shells, total of 6!  They are here, and they will be on my website and ready to purchase tomorrow morning! It’s been a long wait-but well worth it!

You can view the shells on my facebook page  posted on this blog, right now~

To purchase or see pricing information visit my WEBSITE

We also have a brand new HOPE shell for the petite, classic, and prima bag—

If you have any questions, or wish to purchase via paypal you may contact me at

I’m sorry, but I cannot ship outside of the US-