Miche limited / critical inventory list ~ get them before they’re gone!

This just in!!

These Miche shells and jewelry pieces are on the “limited/critical” supply list, and will be soon retired! Don’t miss out on your favorites from your “wish list”, get them now before they’re gone for good!!! It’s time for the new Miche spring catalog–and new February Miche releases……so these lovely shells must retire in order to make room for the new!!

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retring soon jan

Miche art deco cuff, Art Deco glass ring, Ames Classic shell, Misty demi shell, Elvia demi, yellow hip bag, Isabelle classic, Kelsey classic, Marcy, Gabby.

Miche supply~is YOUR favorite retiring tomorrow?

Please read and order accordingly, as these items will be removed from my website tomorrow and will no longer be available! If you need them, please get them now~as they affect each size, as well as accessories~

5121 Demi classic shell
5124 Nikki petite shell
3102 Felecity demi shell
3106 Karie demi shell
1151 Alexandra classic shell
1149 Andi classic shell
1148 Charlotte classic shell
1167 Kimberly classic shell
7527 Drew prima shell
7550 Savannah prima shell
9600 Pockettes (brown)
9250 Abbie Coin Purse (black)
9100 Clutch Wallet (black)
9251 Karen Coin Purse (red)
9705 Holly Charmer


If there’s some “must have” items on this list–they will be available to order through today! http://diva.miche.com

Miche Bag urban bags—coming soon!

Book bags, messenger bags—-whatever you call them, you’re soon to see the release of the NEW Miche Urban bag.  We’re hoping for their official release sometime in August 2011.  You can learn more and find out the official date on my FACEBOOK  page, which will be updated to reflect news of their arrival–or you can simply email me at michebagparties@aol.com to request to be put on my mailing list-and get the news in your inbox!

The urban bag shell will be priced at “luxe” pricing- you may also request a price list from me at the email listed above.

You can call to order (suggested if you’re local, or in a state bordering Illinois) 815-721-5549 ~ or visit my website at http://www.my.michebag.com/polly_workinger and order via secure checkout with your credit card.  If you need to use paypal, feel free to email me, otherwise, visa and mastercard are accepted!