Beverly Miche bag shell (for demi base) is back in stock!

I have great news for those who have been patiently (or maybe not so patiently)!  The Beverly Demi Miche shell is back in stock and available on my website  HERE  now!

This beauty is a February Miche release, and has been in high demand—-and I can see why!  Her big sister Farrah is a March release and is currently available on my website as well.

blanched almond color and her stylish rushing detailing along the sides, snakeskin pattern faux leather.

Miche new accessories~March 2012 Miche shells now available!

New Miche Accessories

Just released! New accessories to add to your Miche collection!

I expect these to be in short supply, it seems that the cute accessories are always the very first things to go~

Introducing: The Miche black phone bag! This is a must have for the gal on the go—complete with clip to make sure you know exactly where your phone is at all times, without having to dig in your purse! It also has ID and credit card slots! The neutral black color will compliment any shell in your miche collection 🙂

The Business card holder–will compliment any of your shells, but will be especially complimentary to the Parker prima shell!

The rose print makeup bag—-this one is sure to please with spring and summer oriented colors! I can see this accessorizing any white or cream shell, a black shell, yellow–reds, but it matches the Ivy and Katy shell beautifully!

The black flower coin purse!  This again, is a neutral color that matches anything in the Miche collection~with a zipper closure so you don’t lose those precious pennies.

Eyeglass cases in two styles, red–or snow leopard print—and a snap closure! You invest good money in a pair of eyeglasses–protect them with these stylish eyeglass cases.

And finally–two men’s products! We offer the Men’s money clip or business card holder, both in brown~ now when you place that order, you can pick up something for him!As previously said, these accessories are hot!! Get them now while there’s a good supply! I don’t want anyone to miss out, and I have a feeling they’ll not last for long!

Visit my website today at or call me at 815-721-5549 to place your order~and remember, new March 2012 Miche  shells  are now available to order online ~ Nicole, and Riley, for the classic bag, Farrah and Katy for the Prima bag, Ivy and Margaret for the Demi base bag~ and Cole and Margo for the petite Miche bag base! I’m also looking forward to the return of the white linked handles and the pewter/silver rope handles later this month~~

Miche March 2012 sneak peek~Everything’s coming up Miche!

Think Spring!! With a personality all their own, these shells have a sunny disposition~with a chance of fun!

Sure to carry you through your spring wardrobe metamorphosis~right into summer!  Don’t forget to order your white linked handles—supplies are limited, and you’ll want these handles to accompany the new releases~

These amazing Miche bag shells will be available March 1st 2012 on my WEBSITE~~

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Come see the October 2011 Miche bag products!!

Come join me on FACEBOOK to see the new photos of the October 2011 Miche bag shells! 2 new shells, for the prima bag, demi, classic, and petite, new braided handles and wallets!  Beautiful fall colors and fabulous styles offering more versatility and fun!

To order the Miche bag, contact me at or call me at 815-721-5549

To get free Miche bag products, hostess a home show. I offer Miche bag parties in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin~for those of you living outside of my area, I ship within the US…and if you want a party, I can locate a representative to assist you!

There’s no reason not to enjoy the versatility and style a Miche bag can deliver! Contact me today for more info!

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Miche Bag October shell release coming soon!

During the month of September, we were ROCKED with the new Miche bag releases! The hipster bag, a new “crossbody” bag in two styles, offers versatility for those who wish to “carry light”. The new accessories added, including the coin purses and the new Miche bag “charmers” add just a touch of style to your Miche bag~ the DEMI size Miche bag gives new inspiration to those that requested a MEDIUM sized Miche Bag. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

NEW RED HOPE shells offer even more options to those seeking an attractive design. The HOPE shells give back, $5.00 from the sale of each HOPE shell is donated to the Huntsman Cancer Research Center! I love that the company not only gives back, but offers a shell that anyone can proudly wear to memorialize survival, or remember a loved one.

Stay tuned~ in just a few short days, the October Miche bag products and shells will be revealed~

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Miche Urban bags are here!

Just a quick update on availability—Miche Urban bags are here! You can now order these on my website HERE …but don’t forget, these urban bags are used with the big bag base–I have had many questions and clarifications about the Urban bag, and the most common misconception is that they’re stand alone bags. This is not the case…they work with the big bag base, and can be converted into a shoulder style bag as well–and your big base can be used with all the other wonderful big bag shells to make your investment flexible, smart, and economical~

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