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Miche Q & A

1. How much will it cost me to get started?  The business starter kit is $49.00, and is designed for former Miche representatives and Miche customers that already have a collection of Miche.   You may view this starter kit HERE

This $99 kit contains all the basics for a new M-Bassador to start her business. She’ll receive Bases in our two most
popular sizes, Classic and Demi. She’ll also receive Faces in the latest styles, in addition to the business essentials she
needs to get started! VIEW KIT NOW
For the girl who wants it all, this $199 kit includes current print materials and a selection of recent products, including
Faces and Bases in every size! She’ll have plenty of options to display at her Showcases and her customers will be able
to see and touch all of the sizes and latest designs.

2. How soon can I move up to a leadership position?

When you’re ready! Some people have a friend that’s already interested in signing up, and once you’ve signed up your first rep, you’re a leader. To earn commission from your PERSONAL  team, , you must have $300.00 in retail sales per month

3. What type of training would I receive?
Miche offers top notch training opportunities, at conference, and online training via your personal website’s back office. Our team also offers group training and team support through a private group and webinar/teleconference. We have a fabulous yearly training event, in 2014, this event will be held in July in Orlando, Fl~

4. Would I be required to work a certain amount of time?
Your schedule is flexible based on your earning needs. You can work full or part time around your family’s schedule. You also get a website to assist you with sales outside the “home show” atmosphere.

5. What are the perks?
Level advancements can increase commissions, as can sales volume—and Miche has contests for free vacations, cruises, and CARS!!

6. How much money can I make?
That’s up to you—there’s no limit at all in your earning potential. Commissions on personal sales range from 25-40%.  If you’d like to hear more about the compensation plan, email me at

7. What do you like most about your job?
I have the opportunity to get out, dress up nice, and meet other fun women—I have the satisfaction that I’m offering them the best customer service!

8. When do I get paid?
At this time, the pay period ends on Sunday, and checks usually arrive 7 days following the date the pay period ends. Direct deposit is also available for those that prefer a faster payment option.

9. How many representatives does Miche have?? Is the market already saturated?
When Miche transitioned to a party plan company, it was said that there were approximately 9000 representatives in the US. That number has increase to approximately 15,000, but some areas still don’t have a Miche representative—this is truly a ground floor opportunity with an already proven product!

10. I’m worried about quotas and inventory!! Does Miche have a monthly quota or inventory requirement?
No, Miche does not have a monthly OR a quarterly quota, nor does Miche encourage carrying of inventory. There is a 12 month quota for representatives that are interested in sales only,  which can easily be met if you’re active in your business at even a “hobbyist” level. Should you choose to become a manager, and build a team, the quota is a little bit different, please email me for details—

11. Do I have to quit my “day job” to earn with Miche? Absolutely not! Miche can be designed to work around your normal schedule–you can work part time, full time, any time! It’s always great to have a second source of income, and at first, that may be all you’re looking for. Should you decide to take your Miche business to the “next level”, we’ll work on that on YOUR calendar.


If you have ANY questions please contact Polly Workinger-Independent Miche representative/Executive director at or call 815-721-5549 and we’ll chat. No pressure answers to your questions! The ball is in YOUR court.


So, what’s included in your starter kit?

For as little as $149*, you can get everything you need to start your Miche business—beautifully! When we say, “Endless Possibilities™” we mean it!

CLICK HERE to get started, or email me at , or simply give me (Polly)  a call!! 815-721-5549