Miche April customer special–and several other products retiring May 1st!

customerapril14 Mother’s day is COMING, as are many other gift giving occasions!!

Miche is releasing NUMEROUS accessories and shells on May 1st, and to make room for the new—- MANY previous styles are retiring!

Don’t miss out on  your last chance to grab these dazzling earrings— CLICK  HERE to purchase!




HERE is the most recent list of all retiring items— PLEASE take a look at this list, and if there’s something you must have— order today! These items are scattered throughout the Miche website, and some are in the “sale items” section — CLICK HERE before it’s too late!


Retiring Product List:

1220 Beux Retires 5/1/2014 $64.95
1231 Gloria Retires 5/1/2014 $14.98
1218 Hope (dove) for Classic Retires 5/1/2014 $29.95
1198 Hope (White) – Classic Retires 5/1/2014 $29.95
1129 Kandace Retires 5/1/2014 $14.98
1262 Montreal-Classic Retires 5/1/2014 $64.95
1180 Silvia Retires 5/1/2014 $12.48
1251 Vixen – Classic Retires 5/1/2014 $14.98
3204 Aubrey – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $22.72
3188 Gabby – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $22.72
3180 Gianna Retires 5/1/2014 $17.48
3163 Hope (dove) for Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3139 Hope (Blue) – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3167 Hope (Script) – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3185 Jenna Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3193 Jennica-Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3196 Lisbon Retires 5/1/2014 $84.95
3182 Marcella Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
3220 Montreal-Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $79.95
3165 Rouen Retires 5/1/2014 $79.95
3206 Vixen – Demi Retires 5/1/2014 $19.98
5128 Alice Retires 5/1/2014 $14.95
5165 Geneva Retires 5/1/2014 $7.48
5163 Inga Retires 5/1/2014 $14.95
5127 Mikah Retires 5/1/2014 $14.95
5105 Sarah Retires 5/1/2014 $14.95
5186 Shelly-Petite Retires 5/1/2014 $18.95
5125 Tess Retires 5/1/2014 $7.48
5179 Vixen – Petite Retires 5/1/2014 $9.48
7567 Adrianna Retires 5/1/2014 $22.48
7594 Charlee Retires 5/1/2014 $29.22
7600 Hope (dove) for Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $44.95
7516 Hope (Black/White) – Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $44.95
7585 Hope (White) – Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $44.95
7591 Hope (Blue) – Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $44.95
7503 Lexi Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
7639 Milea-Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
7565 Morgan Retires 5/1/2014 $19.98
7602 Normandy Retires 5/1/2014 $89.95
7569 Rihanna Retires 5/1/2014 $22.48
7570 Rosalyn Retires 5/1/2014 $29.22
7553 Valerie Retires 5/1/2014 $22.48
7606 Valicity Retires 5/1/2014 $39.95
7630 Vixen – Prima Retires 5/1/2014 $22.48
42 Art Deco Drop Earring Retires 5/1/2014 $19.50
41 Art Deco Jet Earring Retires 5/1/2014 $24.70
69 Drop Accent Duo Silver – Pearl & Panther Head Retires 5/1/2014 $30.00
7 Duette Accent 2-Tone Multi Chain Retires 5/1/2014 $35.00
23 Garnet Stone Accent Retires 5/1/2014 $25.00
38 Multi-Row Crystal Stretch Bracelet Retires 5/1/2014 $20.80
32 Panther Bracelet (gold) Retires 5/1/2014 $22.10
17 Pendant Accent Amethyst Retires 5/1/2014 $25.00
25 Sparkling Studs – Set of 2 Retires 5/1/2014 $29.95
26 Sparkling Studs – Set of 4 Retires 5/1/2014 $34.95

#Miche Mother’s day suggestions– all under $40!

Mother’s day is May 11th 2014— a celebration honoring motherhood, and a great chance to show your appreciation, whether it’s YOUR mom, or the mother of your child! Not “just” biological–but those women that have “mothered” you, a special teacher, an aunt, or grandmother, or a mentor that inspired you to become who you are today!

Jewelry is usually a hit- but remember, mom loves her handbags too! Make it special by tucking in tickets to a local sporting event, concert, or play–she’ll be delighted when she unwraps her beautiful new handbag and finds tickets to an event she’s been hoping to go to! If you want to go “all out”, why not put plane tickets in for a GREAT VACATION, or a day at the spa?? The possibilities are endless when you use a bit of creativity to add your personal touch!

Here’s “my pick” of Miche accessories to give as a gift, without breaking the bank. If mom already carries a Miche bag, just choose a shell or a set of handles, to help her add to her Miche collection, or choose from these options- We have MANY more selections to suit your budget or needs— CLICK HERE to see the entire MICHE line!


Kasi Hip bag $34.95

Kasi Hip bag $34.95

Jessenia Wristlet- $16.22

Jessenia Wristlet- $16.22

Mariah Hip Bag $34.95

Mariah Hip Bag $34.95

Shelby Tech bag $39.95 Holds Ipad, Kindle, Tablet

Shelby Tech bag $39.95
Holds Ipad, Kindle, Tablet

Dee Hip Bag $34.95

Dee Hip Bag $34.95

Tan Wallet $17.95

Tan Wallet $17.95

Convertible Wallet (turquoise) $34.95

Convertible Wallet (turquoise) $34.95




































Perhaps she’d like a little bit of sparkle to dress up her look? You can’t go wrong with these selections! Of COURSE we have more to choose from, CLICK HERE to see Miche’s complete jewelry line!!



mother'sdaysignature1mothersdaysignature2  motherssdaysignature3 mothersdaysignature4 mothersdaysignature5

January Miche double hostess rewards!!

New beginnings and a fresh start to the new year!! Please help me welcome the beautiful Jan-Feb hostess only shells (and that fabulous little hip bag!)  as well as the January Double hostess rewards program!

These shells are not available to the general public until March— if there are any remaining! To get yours now, you’ll want to schedule a Miche show– hostess parties that qualify at $300.00 in sales can choose to purchase one of EACH of these gems!





Check out the JANUARY ONLY double hostess rewards chart… (reward starts at qualifying show of $300.00)  hostessonlyjanfebDON’T DELAY ~~CONTACT me today to schedule your in person (or online if distance is greater than 2 hours of Rockford Illinois) show.

Polly Workinger Independent Miche representative/Executive Director 815-721-5549


Gift yourself a NEW BUSINESS for Christmas!!

BECOME A MICHE REPRESENTATIVE–GET A SHOPPING SPREE! Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving, long after the presents are unwrapped, the tree is down—–gift yourself a DEBT FREE Christmas next year!!! In December, you even get the GIFT of a $100 shopping spree!!!!




BECOME A MICHE REPRESENTATIVE IN December!! Get a $100.00 shopping spree~~~ whee!!!! TO JOIN MICHE CLICK HERE — WHO couldn’t use a shopping spree right before the Holiday season?? Use your spree to purchase extra product for demonstration, jewelry, holiday gifts, or a gift just for you!!


Shopping spree is in the form of a $100 product credit.

Product credits will be entered within two (2) business days of enrollment order

New Representatives will receive an email notifying them when the credit is in their
account and instructions on how to redeem.

Shopping spree is earned regardless of which starter kit is purchased.

Want to learn more about becoming a Miche representative?? CLICK HERE for some answers!!

Miche 12 days of Christmas starts today!!!! Miche Christmas shipping deadlines~

Welcome to Miche 12 days of MICHE!! Never before offered to the public promotional items, organizational items for your Miche bag — and more!!

∙ For 12 days, Miche is offering select items for $1–12. Fun!
. Products are LIMITED QTY and only available while supplies last!!! The tablet sleeve is MY FAVORITE!!!

to shop~ Please take note of the Miche Christmas shipping deadlines outlined below—-if you’re purchasing Miche for a gift, act now!

christmas shipping deadlinesstockingstuffers

Miche cyber FLASH SALE!!! Cyber TUESDAY deals rock!!!

Check Back Often and SAVE!


We’ve saved the best for last—fun surprise Flash Deals are coming your way throughout the day Tuesday, beginning at 8 am Mountain Time (7 Pacific/ 9 Central/ 10 Eastern). Final group of items will be posted at 4 pm Mountain Time.  CLICK HERE to visit my website EVERY TWO HOURS!!

These products will be available until Cyber Weekend ends at 11:59 pm Mountain Time or while supplies last—so don’t wait! CLICK HERE to check out the new

Psssst…NEW items are also being added to the Monday/Tuesday-only Deals category TONIGHT—so keep your eye on your website this evening.

Cyber Weekend continues—enjoy!


Miche Black Friday – Miche cyber weekend is here!!

Welcome Miche Black Friday-Cyber weekend!!

Did you want Cyber MONDAY results?? CLICK HERE to follow to make SURE you get the cyber Monday (and Tuesday) details~ More upcoming!!

First and foremost, I’d love to thank you for a wonderful year—your business is greatly appreciated. I love Miche, and I’m honored to be your representative. During this hectic sale, you may experience some problems with the website—here are some helpful tips.
* Log into my website using mozilla firefox or google chrome. I often find the site isn’t compatible with IE.CLICK HERE to log into my personal website

*If you should get a “pop up” when you sign into my site, please click “yes” and attach your order to the black Friday party!! Sales throughout the entire weekend!!! (MORE COMING ON MONDAY!!)
*I will be awake during the wee hours, to assist customers that are having trouble with the website—if this is YOU, feel free to call me at 815-721-5549 for personal assistance. It is my pleasure to serve you!

*Make sure you follow through to the very end of your transaction and click submit until you get a receipt — many people are in a hurry and excited to get great deals, however that submit button has to be clicked, and a receipt must show on your screen, to assure you that your payment has been accepted and processed on our end.

*Should you run into difficulty, I will have expanded hours (yes, even through the night) to assist you. Feel free to call me, if I do happen to be asleep—I will return your call in the morning. Polly- 815-721-5549

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!
Would you believe Prima base bags for $15.98?
Don’t miss out on BIG SAVINGS, WITH 60-75% select Miche shells!! Even the Brown Miche classic base and the White classic Miche base will be on sale with significant savings!! Just in time for gift giving (even if you’re giving the gift to yourself!!)
THESE ARE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE—-Some items may be very limited in qty, please shop early!! Come back December 1st-2nd, regarding Monday/Tuesday-Only Deals: Available December 2–3, 2013.
*All Cyber Weekend items are while supplies last—first come, first served. All sales are final.

Cyber Weekend deals are available at 12:01 AM MOUNTAIN TIME November 29–December 3.

There will be dedicated Cyber Weekend sections under the Shopping category on my personal website! CLICK HERE at that time to shop!
All participating items can be found in one place—easy!

*All Cyber Weekend items are while supplies last—first come, first served. All sales are final.
This year’s Cyber Weekend items are:$7.95 Petite Cyber Weekend Shells (up to $18.95 value!)
$12.95 Classic Cyber Weekend Shells (up to $29.95 value!)
$15.95 Demi Cyber Weekend Shells (up to $39.95 value!)

$17.95 Prima Cyber Weekend Shells (up to $44.95 value!

Brown Miche classic base only $7.48!!
White Miche classic base only $17.98!!